uTorrent Alpha Beta 3.4.30219

Free BitTorrent client that you can use on Windows, works with all torrent links

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    Beta 3.4.30219

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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Pre-release version of the popular BitTorrent client.

uTorrent Alpha is a test version of the highly popular uTorrent P2P file sharing software. By getting the program, you'll be the first to try out new features before they're included in the next official release. The software lets you download and share a wide variety of files through the global BitTorrent network.

Download and Share Files Through Torrents

BitTorrent is the world's most popular peer-to-peer file sharing network. It works by using many different torrent tracker sites that let you find the files and share various kinds of files, including software, movies, music and more. Unlike centralized file distribution systems where the files are stored on a central server, BitTorrent is a P2P network where the actual data is stored on the computers of users connected to it.

This decentralized approach makes the network a lot more resilient, as there's no single point of failure. This allows it to resist censorship attempts by governments and prevents attacks by hackers who could target individual servers.

As Windows and common web browsers don't come with software that lets you use BitTorrent, you'll need to download an external program called a torrent client. uTorrent Alpha is one of them.

The World's Favorite Torrent Client

uTorrent is a trusted name in the world of BitTorrent clients. Their free software is used by millions of individuals from all over the world. While the majority of people use it on a Windows PC, it's also available on other platforms, including macOS, Linux and Android.

uTorrent Alpha has everything that you need to manage your torrent downloads and sharing. It integrates with Windows and most web browsers, so as soon as you click a "Magnet" link or open a ".torrent" file, the software launches to download the shared file for you.

uTorrent Alpha contains all of the controls you need for easy file sharing. You can choose which files to download in a specific torrent, pause or resume downloading, set bandwidth limits globally or for selected torrents and set up the program so that it automatically quits or shuts down the PC when all files have finished downloading.

Alpha Version Lets You Participate in the Program's Development

uTorrent Alpha is a pre-release build, so it contains a variety of experimental features that are detailed in the documentation. These features change with each alpha release, but are commonly centered around getting the program to work faster and more efficiently.

When you use uTorrent Alpha, you can send feedback to the developers about your experiences with the software and any problems you may have encountered. Though this isn't mandatory, it's very appreciated, as it helps the development team fix bugs and see how new functions perform in a live environment outside of internal testing.

The downside to using uTorrent Alpha is that it may experience stability issues. Some users reported problems like the software exiting on its own or failing to launch when a magnet link is clicked in the browser. However, this is something you could expect from an alpha version of any program.


  • World's most popular BitTorrent client
  • Gives you access to millions of files shared through torrents
  • Integrates with Windows and web browsers
  • Available for all operating systems


  • May come with unexpected stability and functionality issues

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